AURO Renting - the best sought alternative

“Every penny saved is a penny earned”

You no longer require purchasing Computer Systems, Laptops, Servers and other networking products paying your critical fund or buy equipment through a bank lease. We understand your requirement and suggest you a way out by renting the best of technologies and at the best possible market price from us. By doing so, you execute a better financial logic and you are with best equipment technically at all times.
One of our vendor states that by not buying out one can understand that - “How much income-generating business could have been bought in for the funds that’s being given out for purchase of IT equipments?”, Hence, the best answer out is to Rent it. The best benefit of renting is that it is as one can show the rentals as expenses.

We offer rental systems to corporate houses, institutions, banks and event management firms also for conferences, seminars, presentations, training purposes etc. Services are designed for saving significantly on the cost of investment and the following servicing costs.

Our partnership advantages are:
•    You'll get all the features and reliability that you're asking.  
•    We can handle all volumes jobs and rental durations.
•    All equipment is totally serviced after every rental use.
•    On urgency we can deliver in just one hour.
Get everything you need…fast!

Advantages of renting out:
 -Fixed monthly expenses
 -Service & support 24/7 are included in the rental
 -Stop/start billing cycle on demand
 -Systems can be delivered in few hours (Subject to distances)  
 -Obsolescence are totally avoided
 -Incur expenses instead of creating Capital.

Our computer rental services and laptop rental services can be offered for a single day, a month or even entire year, depending on your requirements. There is also no quantity limit, from a single computer to dozens of them; we can deliver the required quantity.  

From our extensive stocks of assembled and branded computers, we provide businesses with short term rental from a few days up to three years. Our experience and expertise gives total peace of mind and much sort after cost savings.